Il progetto

The project

A slow journey through people and landscapes

We work with Iceland since years. 
We've been captivated by its proverbial beauty hat we love to share with travelers and readers.

With Cafferð we will tell about its truest side, the most distant from the "extreme" one that often is perceived when people look for info about this land.
We will do it in a simple way, light, ironic, the way we are.
Because Iceland is "easy", undressed by futile things, and open its heart to anyone who wants to visit it with respect.
It could also be a vulcanic island in between the Mid Atlantic ridge, but it's first of all a place that brings tranquillity.
We will take you for a walk around breathtaking places with unpronunciable names and we will let you meet their people.
Because Iceland is special, but icelandinc people are even more and they are willing to tell their little big stories in front of a good cup of coffee.



The concept between the name

The project Cafferð is aimed at both italians 

and icelanders.
By mixing languages, we have created a word that speaks of coffee and travel at the same time.

Caffè + Ferð (travel in icelandic) = CAFFERÐ

A forgotten travel dimension

Modern rhythms have led us to live in a hurry, trying to see as much as possible in little time, losing the very essence of travelling.
We will bring attention back to the forgotten value of slow exploration, which allows you to get in touch with the culture and “real life” of the place.

Cafferð re-educates on immersive travel.


All different, all equal

We tend to think about realities as different from our own as distant and profoundly dissimilar.
What does a fisherman struggling against the ocean have in common with a bank employee?
Much more than you think.
And we will demonstrate this both through coffee, a drink enjoyed at every latitude and longitude, and through video interviews.

Cafferð tells about human beings.