Un caffè per una storia
September 2021

A coffe for a story



Through our Kickstarter you can support our project and get something back! Unique items such as the Cafferð t-shirt, the illustrated icelandic themed spelling book, paper toys, postcards from iceland and much more.

Come with us, there's coffee for everyone!


Coffee unites the world

It knows no difference between races, characters, appearance.
Cafferð tells you about a journey around Iceland.
A journey of exchanges: a coffee for a story.
We will offer one cup to the people we meet on our way in exchange for a coffee-related memory. legato al caffè.
We will carefully prepare it in beautiful places..
We will share it with symbolic charachters from the Island of Ice and Fire during a so-called slow journey.
One of those journeys when you can stop wherever you want, sit down, and have a chat over a coffee cup.

This is Cafferð.


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We will tell you about icelandic beauty from a different point of view. Forget glossy travel blogs!
Dimenticate i blog patinati!

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We will make coffee for authentic people and exchange a cup for a story. 
Scambieremo una tazza con un racconto.

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We will travel in company of people who follow us on social media and our website through live feeds, photos and videos.

What we tell

A journey inside the island and its people

Communication is human

"nordics are cold!...nothing more wrong than that. This is a journey that frees from prejudice and tells human beings tales.
Let's discover together the life and habits of the icelanders in front of a hot cup of coffee. 

The beauty lives here

Icelandic nature is naked, raw.
It makes you feel small and at the same time part of something immense and powerful.
So powerful to make Iceland the most "green" country in the world, because geothermal energy is converted in electric energy with an extremely low environmental impact.

Smells like home, wherever home is.

We are 7.85 billion human beings, and we drink 2.5 billion cups of coffee every day.
No matter what our story is.
And no matter where.
Icelanders are the 4th population in the world in matter of annual coffe consumption.


Why Iceland?

Iceland is pure energy.
With its volcanoes, its glaciers, the midnight sun and the northern lights.
It's also sustainable, because it's nature itself to provide over 99% of the electrical energy to the country.

Most travel bloggers describe it with extreme tones, putting the accent on how exceptional you have to be to travel in such place, but Iceland, if you respect it, it's pure easiness.
We will tell about all its amazing Nordic ordinariness, with human rhythms and without proclaiming ourselves as great explorers.
Because you don't need to be special to travel.

Furthermore, on average an Icelandic consumes 8.3 kg of coffee every year. 
How could we not offer a cup to them?
Every person has a fascinating inner world, and that world opens up when you offer them a coffee.

il team
a tour guide and a comics writer in Iceland

the team

Ilaria Martinelli

Ilaria Martinelli

Tour guide in Iceland


Comics writer and designer
no one else will take you for a coffee at the end of the world!

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By supporting Cafferð you will embark with us on the first journey that takes a cup of coffee to the Greath North for telling people’s stories.
Are you ready?
You don’t need suitcases, just eyes to watch, ears to listen and a heart to hear.

Accomodati, il caffè è già sul fuoco!

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"Presently the smell of coffee began to fill the room. This was morning’s hallowed moment.
In such a fragrance the perversity of the world is forgotten, and the soul is inspired with faith in the future..."

Halldór Kiljan Laxness Nobel Prize winner, Icelandic writer